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After traveling to over 50 different countries and 40 American states I have learned a lot of travel hacks and money saving tricks along the way. This page lists many of the products and services I personally use in order to save money, travel safely, and support this blog.

Accommodation Deals


My membership with TrustedHousesitters has allowed me to be able to afford full-time travel. For $130 per year I am able to search and apply to housesits around the world where I am able to stay for free!


Airbnb is great to rent out an entire home or just a bedroom. I have done both depending on my budget and it’s a great way to live like a local. I have a $40 travel credit for my reader’s first stay!


I don’t use often but I have been using it off and on for years and the savings adds up with this website. After booking 10 nights you’ll receive a one night free stay if you sign up for an account with them.

Booking Flights


Skyscanner is great because the website literally searches the web for the best prices on all flights. It also includes budget carriers that other sites often miss.


Expedia is one of the most popular flight booking websites and the advantage of booking continuously with this portal is the rewards program. Earn 1 point per $5 spent on flights and 2 points per $1 for hotel, car, and cruise.


Kiwi searches for the cheapest route regardless of codeshares and will offer separate flight options but also the cheapest options! This website should be used by anyone searching for the absolute best deal.

Booking Transportation


I love because the website will show you the best prices across most of the major rental car companies. They also don’t always require a credit card for bookings until the car is picked up!


I love Uber because I can use it in most countries across the world and I don’t even have to communicate with the driver no matter what language they speak. I avoid local taxi scams by using Uber instead.


Purchasing a Eurail pass is a must for anyone traveling through Europe for an extended period of time. It allows passholders to travel to 28 European countries.

Booking a Tour


Viator is the leading resource for booking tours around the world. Instead of searching for individual tour companies per destination you can find all of the local tours within one website.


I often book Big Bus Tours as they offer open bus top tours in 20 cities in 11 different countries including New York City, Miami, Las Vegas, London, Paris, Dubai, Sydney, Hong Kong, and more.


Golden Tours specializes in London sightseeing and UK tours. Some of their top tours include trips to the Warner Bros. studio (Harry Potter), London to Paris trips, Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and more.

Travel Insurance


Allianz is my go-to insurance provider for long-term travel. They offer competitive pricing and coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. They also offer coverage for missed connections and flight ticket changes.


I love World Nomads because they offer the best policy rates and great coverage for medical expenses, which makes this a great option for adventure travelers. They also provide an option to allow you to sign up while the trip is taking place.


I have found some great deals by booking with RoamrRight but not for every trip. I also shop around but a few times they have been much cheaper and in my opinion RoamRight has the best customer service!

Global Data Options


I love T-Mobile! I have saved hundreds if not thousands of dollars t with my T-mobile One Plus plan which provides unlimited international data and texting in over 140 countries at no extra cost (U.S. mobile plan).


Tep Wireless offers a pocket-sized Wi-Fi device with coverage in over 100 countries and it is my global Wi-Fi provider of choice. As a digital nomad having access to this Wi-Fi has been essential for my work.


Skyroam is a bit more expensive than Tep but their service seems to be just as reliable when I’ve used it. Their customer service is great & my readers can use KERRYSOMEWHERE to receive 10% off.

USA Travel Saving Hacks


If you are traveling in the United States I highly recommend Super Shuttle. Many places don’t have public transportation services and taxis can be expensive. You can book a cheap airport transfer through this site!


This website offers discounted airport parking at various airport locations across the United States. I never park directly at the airport as it’s always much cheaper to park through them.


Clear has been a God send for me! I use my annual membership at most airports across the United States in order to breeze right through the security line. I never miss a flight thanks to Clear!

Travel Photography


I capture most of my photos on my Canon Rebel T6.  I don’t consider myself to be a professional photographer which is why I still use an entry level DSLR but as you can see from my photos they still turn out good!


This is my every day lens and what I mostly use to capture the photos you will find on this website and on Instagram. It’s a good quality lens for an affordable price.


This is the action camera I’ve always used for capturing photos underwater while snorkeling, capturing content while on fast roller coasters, and capturing photos or videos in harsh climates.

Travel Gadgets


An adapter is needed in order to charge electronics once traveling abroad. I love this universal adapter because I only need this one piece to use for outlets across different continents.


This is the most durable portable charger I have ever had. I’ve had this charger for over one year and it consistently charges my electronics four times over before I need to recharge the device.


As a travel blogger I have multiple electronics to charge every day including my laptop, mobile phone, DSLR camera, GoPro, and more. I use this power strip to keep all of my devices charged.

Essential Blogging Resources


In order to start your own blog you will need to be on a self-hosted platform. Bluehost is the biggest in the business and I have always used them. I love their 24/7 customer service!


In order to be taken seriously as a blogger I recommend choosing a professional looking theme. There are a few good free themes but most of the best ones I have found are with ThemeForest.


Fiverr offers the best and cheapest offers to hire a freelancer in order to help build a blog and an online business. I’ve used Fiverr to hire WordPress developers, marketers, and logo designers for $5 and up!


I have purchased different blogging courses & programs & Wealthy Affiliate is the program that taught me how to make a full-time income from my blog. You can try WA free & sign up without a credit card.


I use PicMonkey on a regular basis in order to edit my content and create photos with text for Pinterest. PicMonkey makes it so easy and takes the guess work out of editing photos like a pro!


Tailwind is the social media tool I use to manage my Pinterest and Instagram accounts. Tailwind is a time saving tool that drives traffic to my website & recommends the best times to pin or post on Instagram.

Disclosure: The above products and services contain affiliate links. If you click them, I may get a small commission for your purchase at no additional cost to you.
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Want more travel inspiration?

Enter your email and sign up for all of my best travel advice and updates from 6+ years of constant travel.